Securing Racial Equity and Economic Opportunity for All

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Protecting Civil Rights Since 1969

Chicago Lawyers’ Committee was founded in 1969 as a public interest consortium of Chicago law firms to offer pro bono legal services in significant civil rights cases. Our vision is to root out and dismantle deeply entrenched systems of discrimination, racism, and economic oppression using the power of the law to give voice to those most impacted by these civil rights issues.


education equity Project

To protect and promote access to education by disrupting the school-to-prison pipeline and addressing systemic disparities in education.   

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Voting Rights Project

To ensure equality and equal access for all citizens—especially those who have been historically disenfranchised or under-represented—in our electoral process.

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Hate Crime Project

To combat hate incidents and hate crime through education, advocacy, and legal representation for targeted communities. 


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