Candace Moore, Senior Staff Attorney

Candace Moore, Senior Staff Attorney


Candace Moore is a Senior Staff Attorney for the Education Equity Project where she advocates for the educational rights of young people through a lens of racial and social justice. She was instrumental in Chicago Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights' re-launch of the Education Equity Project. Candace’s work has focused on organizing legal advocacy resources to address disparate discipline and barriers to enrollment for students throughout Chicago and its surrounding communities. She also works in partnership with community-based reformers and institutional policy makers to achieve sustainable and meaningful solutions.

She is a proud graduate of both Loyola University Chicago’s undergraduate program and the School of Law (J.D. ’13). In 2014, Candace completed the inaugural class of the Racial Justice Training Institute hosted by the Sargent Shriver National Poverty Law Center. In 2015, she completed the inaugural class of the Surge Fellowship, a leadership development program focused on addressing the issues of race and class in urban education. In 2015, Candace was awarded the distinct honor of being the year’s recipient of the Kimball R. Anderson and Karen Gatsis Anderson Public Interest Law Fellowship. 

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