Chicago Lawyers’ Committee is a civil rights organization working to secure racial equity and economic opportunity for all. We offer assistance in the areas of community law, education equity, hate crime, housing discrimination, and voting rights. 

To request legal assistance with the community law issues of starting or operating a nonprofit or representation for a community coalition, visit the Community Law Project’s application page or email

To request legal assistance with a housing discrimination, school discipline or other related education equity issue, or a hate crime, please call the CARPLS’ Legal Aid Hotline at 312-738-9200. Individuals with housing discrimination issues should also view the Housing Opportunity Project’s intake clinic schedule here.

To request legal assistance with a voting rights matter, please call our office at 312-630-9744.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot accommodate walk-in intakes.

Didn’t see your legal problem listed above? Chicago Lawyers’ Committee cannot help with the following court cases or disputes: bankruptcy, criminal cases, evictions, employment and worker’s compensation cases for individuals, divorces, custody, and probate. To request legal help for these matters, please call CARPLS at 312-738-9200, LAF at 312-341-1070, or CVLS at 312-332-1624.

Chicago Lawyers’ Committee cannot offer legal guidance unless the organization has accepted your case.