Election Protection 2019

Resources for Voters and Volunteers

Top Issues to Field in Illinois April 2019 [PDF]

Illinois April 2019 Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

Chicago Board of Elections Voter Lookup [Link]

Cook County Clerk’s Office Voter Lookup [Link]

Illinois State Board of Elections Voter Lookup [Link]

All Illinois Polling Places [Spreadsheet]

2019 Bilingual Election Judge Coverage [Spreadsheet]

February 2019 Voting with a Criminal Conviction [PDF]

Primer for Voting Equipment and Forms on Election Day [PDF]

Chicago Election Judge Handbook [Link]

2018 Resources

Top Issues to Field in Illinois 2018 [PDF]

Illinois 2018 Frequently Asked Questions [PDF]

How to vote in November 2018 if you have previously been convicted of a crime in Illinois [PDF flyer]

Illinois Election Day Registration (EDR) Sites in 2018 [PDF]

2018 Bilingual Election Judge Coverage [Spreadsheet]

Letter to Texas authorities regarding Section 208 language assistance [PDF


Please contact Jenny Terrell at jterrell@clccrul.org or call 312-888-4191

Volunteer sign-up for April 2, 2019 is now closed. Don’t forget to call 866-OUR-VOTE if you see any issues at the polls!