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More than One Year After SB100, Illinois Educators and Students Reflect on School Discipline Progress

Last Thursday, the Education Equity Project together with members of the Transforming School Discipline Collaborative convened more than 150 educators, policy makers, administrators, student organizers, and advocates to reflect on progress since the passage of SB100, a bill that was intended to transform school discipline practices in Illinois and weaken the school-to-prison pipeline.

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Jobless and Out of School: The Education Equity Project Fights for the Rights of Students

“My friend would be alive today if he had a job.”

Those are the haunting words of a young woman at a community hearing quoted in a recent report by the Great Cities Institute at UIC. The recently released report entitled, “Lost: The Crisis of Jobless and Out of School Teens and Young Adults in Chicago, Illinois and the U.S.,” provides data and anecdotal evidence of young people in Chicago and throughout the state who are unemployed and/or out of school.

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