Promoting Inclusive Local School Councils With SB1737

An inclusive school community is better able to understand the needs of students and work to find resources and solutions that lead to their success. In Chicago, local school councils (LSCs) are an important way parents, teachers, and community members support their local schools. Formed 30 years ago to give community members the chance to share in the decision-making process in their local schools, LSCs provide the only opportunity for direct democratic participation in school governance as Chicago’s school board members are all appointed. However, too many Chicago residents still face barriers to participation in an LSC.

SB 1737 will reduce some of those barriers, and it will help promote diversity in LSCs and ensure that they accurately reflect the needs and values of our communities. Read the testimony we submitted to the Illinois Senate Education Committee, and check out our fact sheet for more information.

SB 1737 – Fact Sheet 3.21.jpg