Press Releases


(4/6/2017)  Attorney General’s Sweeping Review Marks a Federal Retreat from Constitutional Policing and a Battle Cry for Chicago-Led Reform

(3/16/2017) South Side Coalition Advances Community Benefits Agreement in Meeting with Barack Obama Foundation

(1/13/2017) Chicago Must Take Up Police Reforms in DOJ Report

(1/10/2017) Chicago Lawyers' Committee Opposes Nomination of Jeff Sessions for Attorney General

(1/6/2017) Chicago Lawyers' Committee Responds to Horrific Facebook Live Hate Crime


(12/20/2016) Dozens of orgs tell ISBE and IPA:Stop Offering Controversial Law Enforcement Interrogation Course to Teachers and Administrators

(12/7/2016) Surge in Hate Crimes Prompts CLC to Organize and Advocate

(11/22/2016) Chicago Lawyers' Committee Praises Federal Wisconsin Gerrymander Decision

(11/15/2016) Chicago Lawyers’ Committee and DLA Piper secure major win for fair housing in Lake County 

(11/10/2016) Election Protection Expands Access to the Ballot on Election Day 2016

(11/8/2016) Chicago Lawyers’ Committee Encourages Voters to Share Their Stories and Questions on Election Day 

(10/5/2016) Joint Statement Regarding the Seventh Circuit Action in Challenge to Illinois' EDR System

(9/27/2016) Joint Statement of ACLU-IL and CLC Regarding Voting Rights Decision on EDR

(9/23/2016) A message from our Executive Director in response to the mayor's speech on violence

(9/1/2016) Civil rights lawyers allege a gross pattern of discrimination against dozens of Uptown tenants

(8/31/2016) Voting rights groups ask court to protect voting opportunities for November election

(8/2/2016) African-American Family Wins Settlement in Chicago Suburban Racial Harassment Suit

(8/1/2016) CLC Applauds the Voting Rights Decision of the U.S. Court of Appeals 

(7/7/2016) CLC Statement on Sterling and Castile Police Shootings

(6/13/2016) CLC Releases Statement on Orlando Shooting

(6/8/2016) CLC Joins Coalition to Push Chicago Police Reform

(1/6/2016) CLC and Open Communities Negotiate Settlement in Housing Discrimination Lawsuit against Rentology



(12/2/2014) Illinois Embraces Election Day Registration-2014 by CLCCivilRights

(6/30/14) CLC Celebrates 50th Anniversary of 1964 Civil Rights Act at Annual Meeting– July 31, 2014 

(6/5/14) CLC Testimony Results in Historic Passing of Voting Rights Package

(6/5/14)CLC Awarded $50,000 Chicago Community Trust Grant to Support Chicago Nonprofits 

(5/15/14) Lawsuit Resolved Alleging Discrimination in Rental of Downtown Office Space to Chicago Nonprofit 

(5/5/14) Chicago Democracy Week Found to Increase Voter Turnout Among 17, 18-Year Olds

(3/10/14)Mount Prospect Family Files Hate Crime Lawsuit Against Neighbor

(3/4/14) Federal Reserve Board Nominates Chicago Lawyers’ Committee Staff Attorney Renee Hatcher to Participate in Nat’l Community Leaders Forum


(9/20/13) CLC Commends HUD's Proposed Regulation to Affirmatively Further Fair Housing

(8/21/13) CLC to Assist Families in Chicago Public Schools Transition

(7/15/13) CLC Launches Helpline to Assist Students Impacted By CPS Closings

(7/11/13) Chicago Lawyers' Committee Plaintiffs Prevail in Segregation Claim Against Elgin School District

(6/26/13) Shelby County v Holder: Bending Away from Justice

(5/10/13)Cook County Human Right Ordinance Victory for Housing Choice

(1/9/13)Chicago Lawyers' Committee Negotiates Settlement in Stevens vs. Hollywood Towers, et al Discrimination Lawsuit