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Chris Furuya posted a blog on Nov 6, 2012

WBEZ Interviews Marissa Liebling re: Election Protection


Voters aren’t required to show a photo ID in order to vote in Illinois, but some of them might have trouble voting with or without one, mostly because of a state law that allows anyone at a polling place to challenge another's right to vote. Marissa Liebling, an attorney with the Chicago Lawyers’ Committee on Civil Rights and the head of that group's Voting Rights Project, says she’s concerned by the increasing number of these voter challenges she has seen in the last few years.

“Especially when some organizations do use them in minority or low income communities, or communities where there’s more students or elderly,” she says. “So one of the things I’ll be looking for is making sure the challenges aren't being used to intimidate or keep any communities from voting.”

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