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Miguel Alvarez posted a blog on Jul 13, 2009

CLC Requests that Supreme Court hear Lewis v City of Chicago

In February 2009 we asked the United States Supreme Court to consider the case. It is important to understand that the Supreme Court does not have to consider our appeal. In May 2009 the Supreme Court asked the Solicitor General (who represents the federal government in the Supreme Court) to give its opinion as to whether the Supreme Court should consider the Lewis case.  We recently met with the Solicitor General's office to urge the Solicitor General to ask the Supreme Court to take our appeal and to find in our favor. We expect that in the next few months the Supreme Court will decide whether to consider our case.  

Miguel Alvarez posted a blog on Jul 12, 2009

CLC Champions The Employment Rights of Domestic Violence Victims

CLC recently advocated to strengthen to the Victims' Economic Security & Safety Ac (VESSA), an Illinois law that requires employers to accommodate and treat fairly employees who are victims of domestic or sexual violence. The new law expands coverage of VESSA to employers which employ 15-49 workers, penalizes an employer which does not post notice of VESSA, and strengthens VESSA’s enforcement provisions.

Miguel Alvarez posted a blog on Jul 12, 2009

CLC Assists in Passing New State Law Protecting Workers from E-Verify

CLC provided assistance to area worker centers and labor unions in passing a new state law that strengthens protections for workers whose employers misuse the federal "E-Verify" employment verification system. The new law allows workers to file complaints about employer misuse of E-Verify with the Illinois Department of Labor (IDOL) and, if necessary, in state court.

Miguel Alvarez posted a blog on Jul 1, 2009

CLC Welcomes Josefina Navar, Fair Housing Testing and Outreach Coordinator

.CLC welcomes Josefina Navar, the Testing and Outreach Coordinator for the Fair Housing Project. She will conduct intake, investigations, testing for housing discrimination, outreach and education. Prior to CLC, Josefina worked as a social service provider, assisting clients in obtaining emergency, permanent, and less-restrictive housing, and regularly conducting intake, outreach, and education.