Blog Archive : March 2005

Jose Aspera posted a blog on Mar 22, 2005
On March 22, 2005 Judge Gottschall ruled that the City's use of the 89 cut score on the 1995 test was discriminatory. Specifically, the judge held that the City had not shown that the 1995 test effectively measured the skills it was supposed to measure (like the ability to learn from demonstration) or that performance on the 1995 test predicted performance in the Fire Academy or on the job....
Jose Aspera posted a blog on Mar 16, 2005
For further information, contact: Betsy Shuman-Moore Chicago Lawyers' Committee: 312-630-9744, CHICAGO . . . On Thursday, March 17th Abbas Salmi and his family filed a lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court against Eric K. Nix for bombing the family’s van in Burbank, IL on March 21, 2003. According to the lawsuit, Nix threw a large, mortar-ty...