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Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 2003

CLC files Wallace v. Chicago Housing Authority

The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee files Wallace, et al., v. Chicago Housing Authority, alleging that the CHA failed to provide adequate relocation assistance and effective social services to families displaced by public housing demolition, in violation of both federal law and CHA’s contractual obligations. The Court held that the Fair Housing Act requires HUD and public housing authorities to not just refrain from discriminating in housing, but to operate their programs so that they affirmatively further fair housing opportunities.

Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 2003

Chicago Board of Education and Department of Justice Modify Consent Decree in Chicago Desegregation Case

In 2003, the Chicago Board of Education and the Department of Justice jointly submitted a proposed modification to the consent decree in the Chicago school desegregation case, U.S. v. Chicago Board of Education. The Chicago Lawyers’ Committee played a significant role in the proceedings, informing the court regarding both the law on termination of consent decrees and the factual situation in Chicago, filing a response to the parties’ proposed modification, and participating in continuing developments.

Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 2003

CLC defends MBE / WBE Program

The Chicago Lawyers' Committee was retained by five client groups composed of minority and women contractors to represent their interests in maintaining the Minority and Women Business Enterprise programs operated by the City of Chicago. In 2003, the trial Judge agrees that discrimination continues to impede equal access to construction opportunities in Chicago, creating a compelling interest for the City to address these obstacles. The Judge gives the City six months to try race and gender neutral programs to address credit market discrimination, lower the graduation requirement, create a sunset provision for the program, and develop a wealth test.