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Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 1999

CLC Defends African-American Women Subjected to Invasive Security Procedures

1,300 African American women who disembarked at O'Hare International Airport and were subject to an invasive search for drugs, including strip-searches and x-rays, file suit against the United States, U.S. Customs, and a number of Customs inspectors alleging that their constitutional rights were violated when the inspectors targeted them because of their race and gender and detained and searched them without legal cause or due process.

Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 1999

Fair Housing Advocates examine TIF Impact

A coalition of fair and affordable housing advocates, including the Chicago Lawyers' Committee, came together to examine the use of Tax Increment Financing ("TIF") in Illinois, and the often negative impact TIF districts have on the minority and low and very low income households in those districts. As a result of this examination, the coalition determined that the most effective way to prevent the abuse of TIFs was to amend the Illinois legislation. The Coalition's proposed TIF amendments became law in 1999.