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Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 1997

Title 1 Reform in Schools

A Title 1 reform program opens, to enable schools serving poor and minority children to improve the educational opportunities for these children. The reform program succeeds in getting the Chicago public schools administration to change the way it allocates federal Title I money to schools so that the dollars follow children and so children from immigrant and working poor families are not discriminated against by the use of AFDC as a factor for determining poverty.

Jose Aspera posted a blog on Dec 31, 1997

CLC Settles Lawsuit against Easy Life Real Estate

A lawsuit filed on behalf of the South Austin Coalition Community Council and a number of home-purchasers alleges that Easy Life Real Estate System, Inc. and Ace Realtors, Inc bought fire-damaged, abandoned homes in the Austin area, performed minimal cosmetic repairs, marketed them to unsuspecting low-income, first time buyers, and sold them at inflated prices, resulting in a rash of foreclosures. A settlement was reached, under which the defendants agreed to pay $1.13 to the class.